Backup & Desaster Recovery The life insurance for your business data

We take care, that your data is always safe and sound.

Highest level of security

A good working backup is a life insurance for your company data. Server outage, data corruption, accidential deletion, water or fire - there are many risks for the loss or damage of mission critical data.

When a desaster occurs, it is crucial how fast and accurate your data can be recovered. In addition to having a reliable backup in place, it is your strategy that has to have the smallest gap until your last recovery point. That's how you have maximum protection from loss of data or an interuption of your operation.

Desaster Recovery on schedule

Enterprises taking care for desasters are sure, that they react coordinated and reasonable in that case. We like to establish a desaster recovery plan for you, based on analysis of your IT-infrastructure.

We identify mission critical systems and processes and review possible threat scenarios. The result is an communication- and desaster-plan as well as a draft of an backup- and recovery-plan including a testdrive.

Backup concepts with the 3-2-1-rule

Efficient and continous data backup is fundamental, when it comes to business continuity, protection of data and coverage against greater threats and general average.

What does the 3-2-1-Backup rule mean?
• You should have three copies of your business data,
• keep the data on two different storage technologies,
• and set aside one copy outside the company at an external place.

When planning a concept for your backup we especially pay attention, that your original data and backup copies are not being kept at the same provider, the same place or serverfarm or even the same server, but on multiple, different, physically separated locations. You not only avoid serious loss of data, but also long outages in case of desaster and of course financial penalties. In addition you fulfill the objectives of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (german Art. 5 DSGVO and Art. 32 DSGVO).

Our portfolio for Backup & Desaster Recovery:

Collectively, we determine all critical business processes of essential relevance and then analyze the risks and consequences of downtime. The process and risk analysis is the basis for the design of a tailor-made backup & desaster recovery concept.

Based on your individual task or our process and risk analysis, we develop backup concepts tailored to your needs. From the selection of the appropriate backup software to high-performance server and storage systems through to installation and configuration, we provide you with your ready-to-use backup solution.

For the efficient regulation and monitoring of emergency management, responsibilities and processes must be defined in order to be able to initiate necessary recovery steps in an emergency. We also work with you to define important parameters for your emergency planning, such as recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO).

A backup system is as individual as your requirements for the safe storage of your data. That's why we put together your backup solution from the portfolio of the leading brand manufacturers, install and configure it in your environment so that everything works smoothly. These solutions include backup software, servers and storage systems on DAS, NAS, SAN, RDX, tape or cloud storage (BLOB, cold tier).

Do you want to put your data backup in professional hands? We make sure that all your important data and systems are backed up reliably and regularly according to plan. This also includes the regular test run for an error-free restore, so that it can be ensured at any time that you can quickly access your data again if it is necessary. You gain additional security in combination with storage on an external medium outside your company location.

Knowing that your backup system is reliable and error-free gives you the certainty that you have an "airbag" to recover your systems and data in the event of an emergency. This includes monitoring the server and storage systems involved in the backup process. The respective backup jobs, their runtimes, the total of the stored data and any special features that may have occurred are also monitored, as is the successful completion status of the processes. If there are any irregularities here, our specialists take immediate corrective action.

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