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Marion Nagorr

c/o New Vision GmbH
Bleichstraße 4
35390 Gießen

Tel.: +49 641 931 115 0
Fax: +49 641 931 115 19

Protection of data privacy

The usage of our website is always possible without specfication of individual-related data. There is no collection of data (like name, address or eMail) without your consent. This website doen not use cookies or other methods of user identification. Therefore we do not have any data we could pass on. Nothing, rien, nix, nada, niente, promised.

The use of our published contact data (in imprint) through third parties for non-authorized use is expicitely forbidden. We reserve any rights in case of receiving unsolicited spam. 

We do not use Google Analytics, no Facebook-Pixel or other hidden methods of analysis.

This website is an offer of information without any obligation, like the internet was thought in the early days.  

Legal information

Who is responsible?

The person responsible for data processing of this website:

New Vision GmbH
Mrs. Marion Nagorr
Bleichstraße 4
35390 Gießen

The responsible person decides alone or together with other persons about purpose or means of data processing of individual-related data (e.g. name, contact data ...).

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